As a part of my studies in Web Design I’ve been given some startup code and asked to add certain aspects to the site. These include some coding changes, some content including badges for Digg and Flickr as well as embedding a YouTube video and Flickr slideshow.
I used the FTP manager provided with I found it very easy to use especially in comparison with such managers I first used for uploading files 8 or 10 years ago while making vanity pages for my children.

I prefer to use a Mac at home, though I do have win7 laptop as well. Oddly enough, I find I prefer using  Notepad++ vs BBedit, and not just because for one of the few and far between times in my experience, the windows based program is free while the Mac one is not.  Too bad that Notepad++ is only available for Windows.

Having the tags in color really helps me sort out what’s what. When I first tried to use Windows text editor Notepad to edit code the extensive (but welcome) comment section confused me very much. Seeing them in color really helped.

Most of the coding changes I made were cut and paste of code snippets offered by such sites as YouTube, Flickr and Digg.  Most of the time this was a simple matter and only required deft use of ctrl+C and ctrl+V, and knowing where in the existing code to put the snippet once copied.

I found that I had to revert to using ‘old code’ to embed the youtube video. The site was different from the example shown in my course and it took some poking around to find the ’embed’ option.

I enjoyed this exercise and look forward to revamping and customizing my site more and more to reflect what I’m learning as well as my personality.

Please feel free to comment here regarding my above noted website if you so choose,  however, this site is a work in progress and is constantly being viewed by myself and my instructors so please refrain from crude language, spam and unneccessary criticism.   That said, if you’ve suggestions regarding it, please do.