For anyone keeping track, I’ve finished the Web 101 course, with a final mark of 100%. 

Thanks to those who were kind enough to click through and provide some traffic for me to analyze and the encouraging comments you’ve made to me elsewhere.

Here is the first assignment for the next course,  XHTML and CSS Essentials.

In the first lesson of this course I worked through adding HTML tags to pre existing copy as well as applying a prewritten CSS style.  To see how I did there go to:

(little side note: that’s cookie recipe is very well known in my family and is considered *THE* cookie to cut your (baking) teeth upon.  As each of my children reached the age of wanting to bake something, this is the recipe I’ve started them with.  I’m expecting the youngest to ask to do these soon and while it’s an exciting step, I’ll be a little sad.  Course, there are grandchildren 😉 )

The second part of my assignment was to write my own copy, and hand code it myself incorporating headers, an embedded photo, an ordered list, emphasis and a hyperlink to another page.  Click the link to see how I did.

As before, please feel free to leave comments if you wish.  Just remember that the page is monitored by my instructors and myself so please keep the critiquing to the helpful kind.