In Lesson Two of XHTML and CSS Essentials the focus was on coding tables by hand.

Since the free webhost I’ve been using up til now has been unavailable to me I’ve chosen to use another domain to present my exercises for this lesson.

I found the calendar exercise somewhat challenging; the necessity of using percentages to define the columns was a little… out of my comfort zone, I guess. I wanted them all to be equal and probably spent too much time fiddling with cellpadding and spacing and 14% vs 15% than I should have.  I was required to build my own banner that will be used later on the course as well, so everything on this page is my coding and creation.

For the second part of the assignment; I had more difficulty deciding on the contents of the tables than I did coding them.  Figuring out what data I wanted to present that fit exactly into 2 rows x 3 columns was more trouble than I expected.  Once I had a topic, the table building/coding went quickly and easily. I did have to look up a couple of things, but found them easily enough in the annotations I’d made to the lecture in my textbook.  While I enjoyed the challenge, I do look forward to doing such coding in a wysiwyg editor from now on ;).

Because I used a different domain I uploaded the files and images from my home computer, a macbook pro. I used Cyberduck after trying unsuccesfully to remember how to use raw FTP in Terminal.  I guess I need to brush up on those skills too.  Never know when you may not have an automated FTP program handy.

Looking forward to my mark in this assignment 🙂