Lesson 3 in my XHTML & CSS Essentials deals with XHTML Standards and Troubleshooting.

It continues the concepts of XHTML being very much like HTML 4.0 only… stricter.

There are a number of tags commonly used even by prestigious and successful websites that are not XHTML compliant.

Learning about this has been interesting and informative, and it gave me a headache.

W3.org has a validator at its website that we used to check the adherance of our code to Strict or Transitional standards.  It’s a handy dandy gadget and was very enlightening when I started running other sites through it to see how compliant they are.

The code that I wrote around the provided text on this page is finally completely compliant and passed.


The website I chose to analyze with regard to its compliance to Strict adherance to XHTML 1.0 is:


At the moment I won’t be posting my analysis, but perhaps I will after it’s been graded.

For now, I’m going to go play with the validator and practice seeing if I can ‘fix’ the errors found in my fave sites.