I decided to take a break from XHTML and CSS and coding in general … or so I thought, and crack the course on Color Theory. 

In the first lesson I was introduced to the color wheel, primary colors, complementary colors and the other relationships.  Sort of an “I told two friends and they told two friends” but in colors.  🙂

It was interesting and very eye opening to realize that red and green are actually complementary to each other, who knew Christmas wasn’t harmonious but complementary … okay, little bit of reaching there for the joke but.. 🙂

Anyway, first lesson’s assignment was to create a mood board for a fictitious client.  I was to choose one color from a selection of color swatches and work up a mood board.

The first section was that color itself, with different values for tint and hue and saturation.   Interesting to see how the base color remained true as per the RGB values but ‘looked’ different surrounded or against other hues and tints.

Next section is  analogous colors,  these are the colors on either side of the chosen color on a color wheel.

Using the same approximate values for hues, tints and satuations I presented these three colors and so forth, through to complementary, split complimentary and tertiary colors.

Here is my result:

Mood board created for this assignment

My Mood Board

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