So for the second lesson the focus of the study was color intensity.  I learned how colors interact with each other in our vision and how surrounding the same color with various other colors we can change how that color appears even though it remains the same color throughout.

I’ve always loved optical illusions so studying the hows and whys of it wasn’t a hardship.

The exercise for this was in two parts; the first required that I chose a famous piece of art and identify the light and dark color intensities within it, transfer them to a layer in photoshop and create an abstract study of the painting.

I love the two paintings, Blue Boy and Pinkie, though they are years apart in creation and style an done by two different artists.  They are so often paired together that many are under the misconception that they are both done by Thomas Gainsborough, but in fact Pinkie is by Lawrence.

After a few aborted attempts at the project using Pinkie as my subject I went looking for something a little less intensive.  I settled upon one of a surprisingly great number of self portraits by Rembrandt.  He painted himself over and over through his life and this one is by far my favorite of them.  The mysteriousness and coy smile, the light plays and in some cases sheer absence of light made it perfect for this study.

See what you think:

An abstract study of one of the many Rembrandt self portraits

Abstract Study of Rembrandt Self Portrait

For the second portion of the assignment I was to take  an ordinary object and apply the same concepts, identifying the lights and darks in their intensities.
Here is my version of an icecream cup:
An abstract study of an ice cream cup.

Abstract Ice Cream Cone

As always, comments are welcomed.