In lesson 4 I’ve been delving into CSS and the effects of it on the page.  By breaking the style away from the format of the page a lot of freedom of expression is established.

I played (and played) with this page, adding elements and bells and whistles and flashing lights and yeah… I got over it, and did something that was more in keeping with the tone of the content, but holy smokes was it exciting to fiddle with CSS.

The second part of the assignment was to provide examples of box use on pages I frequent and recreate them.


most all of the pages I found that incorporated boxes were very complicated in the coding and I found it difficult to extract.   So I made my own:

I really enjoyed researching the rounded corners and the drop shadow effects and was very happy to be able to apply the research to this page.

These two submissions have not been graded yet, but when they are, the mark will be in the comments.