In the third and final lesson in the Color Theory course my assignment was to create a travel poster for a destination.  We were to use text and color to convey the destination with the name of the country/place or event displayed.

I was  torn between Ireland and Africa and wanting to try to do this as a serious advert or a tongue in cheek cliched version.

As you can see Africa and the cliche won out 😉

I’ve always loved gradients in colors and rainbows and the starkness of the black silhouettes of the tree and lion against it are immediately AFRICA for me. This is due in no part to the movie and muscial The Lion King which I’ve seen on Broadway.  Seeing a play/musical on Broadway was a lifelong dream of mine and seeing The Lion King made it all that more a special memory.   It was a wonderful glimpse into the world of theatre and the play itself is an experience unto itself as  it was intended to be.  But these color combos are just hard to escape after that.  I am aware that Africa is a dichotomy of color, bright cheerful hues set against the browns and muted greens and pure black of night, black.  This is what I was hoping to convey.

I have a feeling that I might end up reworking this one after looking at some of the other student submissions but for now  here is my travel poster for Destination Africa.

Edited to add:

Well, as expected, the mark received by this submission was, while being a respectable pass, not quite what I was looking forward to.  After a consultation with my instructor, including some very helpful advice and suggestions, here is my second attempt:

Try, try again

Since she mentioned that my color scheme was strong I chose to repeat it.  Her suggestion that using a cliched and rather dated looking poster as part of my portfolio was (and these are my words not hers ;)) akin to shooting myself in the foot I decided to go with a more interesting font and leave the photoshop text effects out of the picture.  To me, lions are synonymous with Africa although it’s difficult to find African artifacts featuring lions in my experience.  Much easier to find are elephants and giraffes.  I had thought about flipping the lion head the other way and moving it to the north eastern corner, having an elephant with a raised trunk where the lion head currently is and a giraffe down the southern portion but felt that might be heading towards overkill.

The font is Lemon Day by Billy Argel.

As always, comments welcomed.

2nd EDIT:
Attempt #3 My instructor didn’t give a mark on the second one, but she did make a few more suggestions on how to better balance the page. Because I’d merged my layers on my original .psd file, I had to redo it from scratch. All I can say is Yay for color picker ;). By bringing up the original jpg I was able to sample the colors to used them again. I stayed with the same font and because I really liked the way the lion head looked on the map I stuck with those as well. A bit of poetic license with losing the island, some centering of text and image, a reworking of the waterpaper effect on the background and a resize of the map leads me to my third and final attempt:

I’ve already received a final mark on this course. I do hope that it can be adjusted should this submission receive a better mark than the original one.