Lesson 6 is the final lesson of XHTML and CSS Essentials. Each lesson has built upon the information and skill set of the one before and this one brings it all together.

In lesson 6 I learned about building forms in XHTML as well as some neat tricks with CSS.

The final assignment required me to build a 5-7 page site with a functional navigational system, based upon the coding/positioning/css styling I had just learned about. One of the pages is to be a form, using checkboxes, text input and a submit button.

The exercise required me to plan my site. Define what each page was to be about and how they would all link together. I was to use my own content and structure it to be consistently displayed on each page. Gasp…so not only was I to write the coding for the pages by hand, I was also to fill in the content. This was to say the least, an extremely time consuming exercise. Although that said, there’s a great deal of satisfaction to be found when I validated each of my hand coded pages and was able to add the icon indicating they validated on each one.

Please have a go through the pages and let me know what you think.