About This Site

I am a long time volunteer for the Chamber of Commerce in High River, AB. During the time I’ve been involved in increasing the Chamber’s presence on the web. I am excited to present this online newsletter/blog for the benefit of the Chamber, its members and others who may find it of interest. This site is intended to be an addition to the official site at High River Chamber of Commerce.

This blogsite is presented as a part of my assignment for a course in Web Design I am taking at the Academy of Learning in High River, AB. This course is presented online through a partnership with Sessions.edu Online School of Design.

As I progress through this course this site will grow and change. Bear with the changes, as at times they will be what is required in the course but not what the site will remain at by my preference.

At some point in the future, and pending the permission of the Chamber I volunteer for, I hope to present this as an online journal of volunteering for a Chamber of Commerce, giving a glimpse of the work, fun and excitement of presenting a Chamber event.

-Your Chamber Volunteer at Work


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